Governor Cuomo: Do not allow the Gates Foundation to influence education policy in our state
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Governor Cuomo: Do not allow the Gates Foundation to influence education policy in our state

Dear Parents, Educators & Community members, I hope this email finds you and your family doing well during these uncertain times. During Governor Cuomo’s press conference today, he announced working with Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation to guide NYS on ‘reimagining’ our schools. NYSAPE along with Class Size Matters and Parent Coalition for Student Privacy has sent this letter below…

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Next Fall School Districts Will Lose State Aid if Flawed Teacher Evaluation Plans That Drive More Testing Are Not in Place – ​Andrew Cuomo Refuses to Fix His Own Mistake

Despite the backlash and outcry of hundreds of thousands of parents across the state against the fatally flawed test and punish law forced into last year’s budget by the Governor, Cuomo and the Senate Majority refused to delink the financial consequences for this harsher plan in today’s budget bills.

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DEMAND the RELEASE of the NYS Standardized Tests to the PUBLIC!

uggested Call Script:
My name is (    ) and I am calling to demand the resignations of Education Commissioner John King & Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and to make the NYS Standardized Tests public.  Tens of thousands of concerned citizens disagree with the current NYS education reforms. They are not listening to parents or educators on the need to revamp the Common Core standards, lessen the focus on testing, and to stop thrusting one-size-fits-all statewide curriculum

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Take action Now by calling and emailing these regents below to sign on and vote in support of this position paper. this position paper offers an alternative set of regulations to sed’s proposed regulatons. 
Seven brave members of the Board of Regents issued a Position Paper with proposed amendments to the current APPR