Governor Cuomo Continues to Avoid Addressing New Yorkers on Public Education

Parents, educators and community members are deeply disappointed by Governor Cuomo’s failure to address widespread concerns regarding the disastrous implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, excessive high stakes testing and the collection and sharing of private student data. In recent weeks, Governor Cuomo has remained silent on these harmful reforms and today’s State of the State address confirms that the Governor has failed to fulfill his promise to “put students first.” NYS Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE) is dismayed that while he once called himself the “lobbyist for students,” Governor


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Demand he speak up and use his influence to get New York’s education system back on the right course.

“The Governor has tried to distance himself from the current uproar by claiming that education is not his jurisdiction. As evidenced in this letter (http://www.governor.ny.gov/press/lettertoBoardofRegents) to Chancellor Merryl Tisch in 2011 regarding performance evaluations for teachers, the Governor has a huge influence over what happens to our schools, and it is his responsibility to protect the children of this state from further damage” says Tim Farley, a parent and a principal of the Ichabod Crane School in Kinderhook, New York.

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Here is the Press Release:


New Yorkers Call on Governor Cuomo to Step Up to the Plate and Protect our Children from Further Damage

Parents, educators and community members across the state of New York have voiced deep concerns with the Common Core Learning Standards, excessive high-stakes standardized testing and the sharing of personally identifiable student information without parental consent.  Many forums, meetings and hearings have been held throughout the state over the last two months, at which vehement opposition to the current policies of the State Education Department has been expressed by