Public Comment – Local Expansion of Diploma Options for Students with Disabilities

NYS Allies for Public Education strongly supports the December 2017 Emergency Regulation adopted by the Board of Regents in December which allows a “Superintendent Determination” for graduation with a local diploma for students with disabilities.While the emergency regulation has some language for the new “Superintendent Determination” to be retroactive, we strongly recommend this diploma option…

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NYSAPE’s Public Comment to nysed on Emergency Action to Amend NEW Local Diploma Pathway for ​Students with Disabilities

Ms. Angelica Infante-Greene Deputy Commissioner for Instructional SupportNYS Department of Education89 Washington Avenue, 2M WestAlbany, NY 12234 August 22, 2016 Re:  Public Comment on Emergency Action to Amend Section 100.5 Regulations – New Local Diploma Pathway for Students with Disabilities Dear Ms. Infante-Greene, On behalf of NYS Allies for Public Education, I would like to commend the Board of Regents…