NYS Allies for Public Education strongly supports the December 2017 Emergency Regulation adopted by the Board of Regents in December which allows a “Superintendent Determination” for graduation with a local diploma for students with disabilities.
While the emergency regulation has some language for the new “Superintendent Determination” to be retroactive, we strongly recommend this diploma option be considered to students who were no longer eligible to take the RCTs and/or have exited school.

We recommend a review of meaningful diploma options and more credentials such as the CDOS for students who are alternately assessed because currently, there are extremely limited options for this cohort of students.

​Finally, we recommend a review of the entire diploma eligibility system in New York as too many students are exiting high school without a diploma.  New York is one of the handful of states remaining that requires several high stakes exit exams to earn a diploma, therefore closing the door for many students with and without disabilities. 
Thank you for your continued work in improving our diploma eligibility system.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at 917.414.9190. 

Lisa Rudley, Executive Director
NYS Allies for Public Education

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