Day: January 14, 2014

NYS Allies for Public Education Endorses New Candidates for the Board of Regents

New York State Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE), a coalition of 45 organizations from around the state, is endorsing three candidates for the New York State Board of Regents: Helen “Regina” Rose, Audrey Marie Baker, and Michael Reilly. The Board of Regents set education policy for the state and appoint the State Education Commissioner.  Four Regents will be selected by the State Legislature in March.

New York State Allies Reacts to NYSUT’s Vote of No Confidence in Education Commissioner John King

New York State Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE) supports New York State United Teachers’ (NYSUT) board resolution declaring “no confidence” in the policies of State Education Commissioner John King.  For many months, parents, educators, and communities across New York State have raised voices of concern and outrage regarding Commissioner King’s lack of responsiveness and transparency.  Republican and Democratic legislators alike recently escalated serious concerns regarding

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