NYSAPE Email to Subscribers to Sign our Petition to Cancel Regents Exams & Ask for USDOE Waiver

We hope this email finds you and your families well during these unprecedented times. Please sign this petition NOW to Commissioner Dr. Rosa and the NYS Board of Regents, urging them to immediately cancel the Regents exams scheduled for this spring and to request a waiver from the US Department of Education for the 3rd-8th grade annual state tests.

As school districts move through this harrowing school year, one fact is indisputable: inequities are more pronounced than ever before. While a small number of students have attended in-person classes with live instruction continuously since September, the majority have fluctuated between remote, hybrid, in-person, intermittent school closures, illness, and death, while others have yet to receive even a single live instructor. Even more alarming is the number of students who have not stepped into a school building and yet have no access to a device or Wi-Fi. Most parents and educators agree that living through this pandemic has resulted in widespread trauma, affecting nearly every one of our children, and administering these exams will just subject them unfairly to more unwarranted stress for no legitimate purpose.

Children as young as eight years old will be subjected to test prep and drills. Educators doing their best to teach in untenable situations will have to worry how these results will affect their careers and school ratings. Administering assessments this year would also mean online testing for the millions of students who are learning at home, requiring surveillance spyware to be installed on their computers at home, which has been shown to use unreliable and discriminatory algorithms to detect cheating.

Please sign our petition NOW. This should not be a difficult decision for NYSED, nor should the decision be held off until the last few weeks before tests are scheduled as the damage is occurring right now. The longer the delay, the deeper into the testing season we go, and the less our educators can focus on attempting to repair the damage done this year and on what really matters for our children’s emotional health and engagement in learning.

Thank you, NYSAPE

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