March 19, 2017

​Dear Allies
Please Take Actionby URGING Commissioner MaryEllen Elia and the Board of Regents to include our Opportunity to Learn Index as the school quality indicator in the new state Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) accountability system.  ESSA requires states to rate schools on academic factors such as test scores and graduation rates, but also to include a nonacademic school quality, or student success factor, of their choice in the system.  Please TAKE ACTION HERE.

​NYSAPE and Class Size Matters have proposed that an Opportunity to Learn index be incorporated into the new accountability system as the school quality indicator.  This would encourage schools to provide a well-rounded education, including small classes, arts, science, physical education, sufficient counselors, and more. Why? Because these are the features that evidence shows lead to better student outcomes and that most parents want to see in their children’s schools.
We also ask that you urge the Regents not to count students who opt out of the exams as having failed these exams when calculating a school’s academic rating, as explained here.

It will take a minute for you to send a letter.  Please TAKE ACTION HERE and enter in your contact information and start writing to the Commissioner and Regents.  You are encouraged to personalize this letter, but you can also send  as is.

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