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In summary here is what the five legislative bills say:
A09626 – Immediately decouple teacher evaluations from test results and direct the Board of Regents to establish a committee to research and develop an alternate, research-based method for teacher evaluations, which will ensure that students and teachers both have better experiences in the classroom. (Sponsored by Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky)  
A09578 – Repeal State Takeover of Failing Schools and put the school reform process back in the hands of local educators, parents, and other stakeholders who are in the best position to understand the specific needs of the school district.  
(Sponsored by Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky)
A09584 – Reduce testing by directing the Board of Regents to establish a committee to shorten the length of tests and find ways to increase their transparency. Additionally, tests would be given to students, parents and teachers so that they can be used to improve the manner in which teachers teach and students learn. (Sponsored by Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky)
A09579 – Create an alternate pathway to graduation by establishing a Career and Practical Education (CPE) pathway to a high school diploma which would provide a valuable alternative for students who do not wish to take – or are unable to pass – the Regents exams. By teaching practical life skills and training students for a career, a CPE pathway will better prepare all New York students for a future following high school. (Sponsored by Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky)

A09461– Decouple financial penalties from teacher/principal evaluation plans from not in place by this Fall & require an expert committee to develop a research-based teacher/principal evaluation plan. (Sponsored by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin)


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