For Immediate Release:  November 6, 2013
More information contact:
Eric Mihelbergel (716) 553-1123;
Lisa Rudley (917) 414-9190; 

On November 6, 2013, on behalf of fellow parent-leaders across the state, Eric Mihelbergel, parent and co-founder of NYS Allies for Public Education, respectfully and formally requested a public meeting with the Chancellor of the NYS Board of Regents, Merryl Tisch, and members of the Board of Regents to discuss the concerns of thousands of parents across the state related to excessive
high-stakes standardized testing, sharing of personally identifiable private student data, and harmful effects of the Common Core standards.   NYS Allies for Public Education consists of over 45 parent advocacy groups from across the state, many of which would be directly represented in a meeting of this type.

In the letter to Chancellor Tisch, Mr. Mihelbergel says, “We are simply a group of parents with diverse careers that have united to do what is best for our families.  We have no agenda other than the well-being of our children.  Education Commissioner John King has a history of not listening to parents, and at his recent public forums he continues to reveal that he will not take any action to accommodate what parents know is best for their own children.  Parents of NYS are continuing to call for his resignation.”  Since the Education Commissioner is appointed by the Board of Regents, it follows that parents must seek direct contact with the Board of
Regents in order to pursue positive change.  

When asked what he hopes to accomplish in a meeting with the Board of Regents, Mr. Mihelbergel referred to his letter to Chancellor Tisch in which he says, “We are requesting that you and Board of Regents meet with me and fellow parent-leaders, in a public setting, for an open and transparent discussion and dialogue about what is best for our children.  We understand that at present you do not agree with what parents want for their children.  Our goal is that we can meet and have real discussion leading to real action that will best help our children in a way that is most meaningful for them and for the parents that raise them and pay tax dollars for their education.” 

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