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New Leadership for the Board of Regents a Victory for the Children of New York

We congratulate both Regent Dr. Betty Rosa on her election as Chancellor of the NYS Board of Regents and Regent Andrew T. Brown as Vice-Chancellor. Today was a huge step in the right direction for New York’s children and public education. NYS Allies for Public Education and organizations across the state stand firmly behind Dr. Betty Rosa for Chancellor.

We are proud that a strong and dedicated educator is now leading the Board of Regents. Dr. Rosa is committed to collaborative, inclusive, and research-based policy making. With this new leadership and the appointments of three new Regents, Dr. Luis Reyes (at-large), Elizabeth Hakanson (Central NY) and Nan Mead (NYC) earlier this month, we are feeling hopeful that education in New York State will be based on research proven models of best practices that will be realized in our classrooms in the near future.

As we have stated previously, Chancellor Rosa has extensive experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and college professor with a strong background in English Language Learners and special education students. Chancellor Rosa has traveled the state to talk to stakeholders to collaborate and gather important feedback on education policy. In her nomination speech, Chancellor Rosa said we are removing the word reform as we need to be transformers going forward and we will create social justice in all classrooms.

“The depth and breadth of Dr. Betty Rosa’s experience as an educator and school administrator working with diverse populations of students will bring dynamic and informed leadership to the table. This is a victory for the children of New York – they have a champion in Dr. Rosa. She has always eschewed politics when voting at the board table, relying instead upon best practice grounded in research, evidence and experience. Parents are excited to finally have expert leadership that will put the needs of ALL children first.” – Bianca Tanis, Hudson Valley public school parent and special education teacher.

“Dr. Betty Rosa is not only a supremely qualified and experienced educator, but is also a collaborative leader who listens to parents and is sensitive to their concerns. After a heedless decade of “throwing kids in the deep end of the pool” she is just what our educational system needs to get back on track.” – Leonie Haimson, Executive Director of Class Size Matters.

“Today’s news brought hope back for hundreds of thousands of NY parents and educators. This is a major first step in repairing the relationship between the Board of Regents, NY State Education Department, and the parents of NY. We can finally start to rebuild the trust that has deteriorated over the past decade. The future of our children’s education is now in the capable hands of a brilliant educator who can lead us into an era of research-based, child centered, teaching and learning.” – Jeanette Deutermann, Long Island parent and leader of Long Island Opt Out.

“I am overjoyed to have a lifelong educator as Chancellor of the Board of Regents. There is still a lot more work to be done, but this is a much needed fresh start toward a more holistic child centered approach to teaching and learning. Congratulations Dr. Betty Rosa!” – Jamaal Bowman, father, and principal of CASA Middle School in the Bronx.

For the first time in many years, we are feeling hopeful about the direction of education in New York State. We know that Chancellor Rosa will be a champion for all children, sound research driven models, and an inclusive environment that includes all stakeholders in creating the best education system in the country.

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