Please call:
Governor Andrew Cuomo (518) 474-8390
Speaker of the House, Sheldon Silver (518) 455-3791
Co-Senate Majority Leaders:
Senator Dean Skelos (518) 455-3171
Senator Jeffrey Klein (518) 455-3595
Senate Education Chair, John Flanagan (518) 455-2071
Assembly Education Chair, Catherine Nolan (518) 455-4851
Chancellor Merryl Tisch (518) 474-5889

Call your

Interstate 587
Kingston, NY 12401
Suggested Phone Script:
My name is (    ) and I demand the resignation of the NYS Education
Commissioner John King.  The shutting down of parents’ voices is inexcusable. 
Tens of thousands of concerned citizens disagree with the education reforms and
the push to share our children’s sensitive personal data.  Thank you for
listening to me as the Commissioner should have.

Email and/or Fax:
Email and/or Fax Governor Andrew Cuomo:   Fax # (518) 474-1513
Speaker of the House, Sheldon Silver:  Fax # (518) 455-5459
Co-Senate Majority Leaders:
Senator Dean Skelos:  Fax # (518) 426-6950
Senator Jeffrey Klein:   Fax # (718) 822-2321

Senate Education Chair, John Flanagan:  Fax # (518) 426-6904
Assembly Education Chair, Catherine Nolan:  Fax # (518) 455-3847
Chancellor Merryl Tisch:  Fax # not available
Email and Call your Regent:
Email us to let us know you sent in your letter at

Suggested Letter to be personalized:
Dear Governor Cuomo,

I’m writing to express my severe displeasure at
Commissioner John B. King, Jr.’s decision to cancel the state sponsored PTA town
hall meetings. As parents, we have legitimate concerns regarding the NYSED’s
educational reform and data sharing policies that are affecting our children.
Commissioner King should have the decency and fortitude to listen to our
concerns and explain his decisions publicly. The shutting down of public
discourse is inexcusable and counter-productive.  I demand the resignation of
the NYS Education Commissioner John King.

The current policies of the
NYSED are threatening our schools and our children’s learning experiences. The
canceling of these important meetings is further evidence of the Commissioner’s
and the NYSED’s lack of transparency and lack of concern for parents’ input.  
Though the Commissioner is not an elected official, he is appointed by people
that are, and as one of my elected officials I am requesting that you listen and
respond to our concerns.

(School District)
(City/Town, NY)
Parent of # student(s) in xx grade(s)

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